In Praise of the Vilified Prologue: Top 10 Novels with Prologues

I actually haven’t read or heard that a prologue is frowned upon. Maybe because someone in the book world thinks a writer should be able to catch a reader’s attention in the beginning of the book without such a device, which is why most writers use a prologue, is it not? I don’t have any problem with prologues and I don’t mind going against what something thinks a book is supposed to be like, if it works for the story. That is the most important thing, as the noted books in this blog illustrate.

Cindy Fazzi

Loving Frank Photo-Cindy Fazzi “Loving Frank” by Nancy Horan is a great example of a book with an effective prologue.

In Elmore Leonard’s famous 10 rules for writing, the second rule is: Avoid prologues. “They can be annoying,” he wrote. “A prologue in a novel is back story, and you can drop it in anywhere you want.”

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