Raymond Elementary School Author Event Fun!


Had a great time in Jill Peterson’s two English classes on May 4th after they read Intrigue in Istanbul: An Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure.


IMG_20160504_122641342 (640x360)We talked about Turkey – where Agnes and her grandmother visit.
I look very official – don’t I?!
(Don’t always believe what you see.)

We do a little reading so I can illustrate how I use some of the photos they are seeing with my writing.

IMG_20160504_133002578_HDR (360x640)

Jill is such a wonderful teacher, I don’t understand how she keeps everything and everyone that makes their way to her desk, straight.

IMG_20160504_140610145_HDR (640x360)

The kids enjoyed the book – (here I sigh and wipe my brow) – and because they are all now official spies as is Agnes, I decided they needed a disguise.

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