7 Things Every Fictional Character Needs

Roger’s got some good points here about characterization. I would add flaws and maybe a dark side, which could tie into the “road traveled” point, to this list as well.

Writing Is Hard Work

I’m currently crafting some character biographies for a new series I’m writing and thought I would share a few things about how I go about creating characters.  I’ve gleaned this from several sources, from my days in college writing classes and from just figuring things out over time.

I use this format to write character biographies, and it helps me to create believable and vivid characters.

  1. purpose in lifePurpose in Life – This could also be called their motive for living or their reason for living.  What is it that drives this character to do the things that they do?  What makes them get out of bed in the morning?  All real people have this whether they are disgustingly evil or inherently good.  Don’t think in terms of extremes like that, though.  Try to think about  where on the spectrum of “purpose in life” they fall and how motivated they are to achieve…

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