Dear Hay House, I’m Appalled.

And why is HMC having issues with Hay House’s Balboa Press? Because it is run by Author House and anything run by Author Solutions (and there are many: iuniverse, Xlibrus, Author House, Lulu, Albia, Hydra, Archway, Tafford…) is a scam to take advantage of authors.
I was also disappointed that a company like Hay House, which is known for helping people, has decided to go with such a shady company. I hope, if enough people complain to them, that they decide to drop Author Solutions, if for nothing else than the sake of their own reputation, let alone the people that depend on them for their wise words.

Soul Stories

Dear Hay House,

I’m writing in regards to your self-publishing branch known as ‘Balboa Press.’ It has come to my attention that you provide packages for authors to self-publish their work with a chance of being picked up by Hay House. What a deal! Your hook is, “Follow the Footsteps of Louise Hay.”

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