Astroturfing: The Source of Zombie Memes in Publishing?

David Gaughran revisits some self-publishing myths. (And I looked it up – Astroturfing means sending out a message without revealing who is backing that message.)

David Gaughran

international publishers association Why are there so many zombie memes in publishing? Why is there so much groupthink? It might be because the industry isn’t particularly diverse. Or it could be that book-lovers are nostalgic types who are automatically wary of change.

But I suspect it’s astroturfing by the publishing establishment, a practice admitted to last month by YS Chi, chairman of Elsevier and president of the International Publishers Association, in paragraph six of this article.

For the click-lazy, here’s the money quote (emphasis mine):

We gathered all the communications people together to discuss the issues and create an action plan. We have a multi-faceted audience to address, and in the next 12 months you will see key messages delivered, compelling stories of our impact on society for culture and education. We’ll ask you to personalize that message. I’m very excited that there is a meeting of minds on this.”

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2 thoughts on “Astroturfing: The Source of Zombie Memes in Publishing?

  1. The term “astroturf” came about specifically to denote an advertising campaign that is trying to look like a grassroots movement. So it’s more than just an unspecified origin, it’s when one big guy tries to influence opinion by pretending to be a lot of little guys.

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