A Victory Against Author Solutions

If you have been keeping track of the many companies that Author solutions has their fingers in, David Gaughran has updated his growing list.
If you’re not familiar with the issue, Author Solutions and it’s subsidiaries, takes advantage of new authors by offering them book services at outlandish cost. Please read Davids post and share this information where you can. If you’re up for it, share your displeasure with companies like Hay House, Writer’s Digest and Harlequin who use Author Solution services. Your voice matters!

David Gaughran

authorsolutionsPRHIt should be clear to everyone now that Penguin Random House has no intention of cleaning up Author Solutions.

The only development since Penguin purchased the company for $116m back in July 2012 is that Author Solutions has aggressively expanded operations (see here, here, here, here and here).

I’ve been covering the Author Solutions story for a while now – particularly since the Penguin purchase, which was met with disbelief in the author community.  It’s a frustrating beat, especially when faced with a wall of silence from the many companies and organizations in traditional publishing who have links to Author Solutions and its subsidiaries.

Documenting the links between Author Solutions and the rest of the publishing world is depressing work. The list reads like a Who’s Who of traditional publishing. Getting them to discuss their links to Author Solutions has been near-impossible, let alone taking…

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