Two Places to Toot Your Horn

This is a good reminder from Elaine Cougler from her blog: On Becoming a Writer. If you are a writer who likes reviews of your book, then you need to be doing reviews for others too. I like doing review swaps – I’ll review your if you review mine – but I am honest and tell the author that I only give honest reviews; no favoritism just because you’re review my book, too. I do give the author an out, though. If I end up not able to give the author a good review, I give them the option of not putting the review out there. If you have you book(s) on Smashwords, (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t – the more exposure the better) then you need to put that same book review on their site as well, assuming the author has their book on smashwords. Then there is B & N and the ibookstore, though I haven’t figured out how to put a review on that site without a mac or iphone (anyone helping me out on this point would be wonderful!)
Just review, review, review. It is the life blood of an author, indie or not.

On Becoming a Wordsmith

photo (9)-25_editedHave you ever finished a book just bubbling over with enthusiasm for it? And did you want to tell everyone just why you loved the book?

Today’s post is about just that. Of course you can tell your friends and the guy you meet on the subway but to reach a wider audience, you might try posting a review on Amazon and on Goodreads. (Caveat: Some of you have written many reviews and need no help from me. Feel free to add your suggestions in the Comments section.)

First we’ll do Amazon:Go to or .ca and search for the book you want to review by title. When you get it up to its own page, scroll down past the book’s description and the product details to Customer Reviews. You can click on the number of stars you want to award and then go to the box entitled Write…

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4 thoughts on “Two Places to Toot Your Horn

  1. Great post. I like to get honest feedback on my writing. After all how can I improve as a writer if I don’t know what needs to be fixed or tweaked.

    • Exactly! I just won’t show the world a not so good review if the author would prefer I not do thatbut I am happy to share my thoughts with the author. In fact I typically keep track of errors for indie books I review and share that too.


  2. Hi Christine
    Thanks for re-blogging my post. I especially like that I have found you from this and will send you and email. Lovely looking site!

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