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  1. I am finishing up my first book and would like a professional review, editing, possible ghost writing proofing, book jacket and publishing both hard copy and ebook distribution

    • Raymond,
      So sorry you are in this position and I have not done this for anyone before, but I can give you a few suggestions.
      – Go onto Linkedin and post a request on a few of the reader’s groups and probably a few of the publisher groups – asking for information on how to do this. I am guessing you’ll find someone who can help you.
      – Have you tried googling your issue? “getting my book back from Tate Publishing” You might get some blog posts that are talking about this subject.

      Best of luck to you!

    • Hold on Raymond – as luck would have it, I just saw a message by another Tate author. I’ll email you the details, but also put it here for others that might be affected. Apparently there is a facebook group: Support to Authors Affected by Tate Publishing. Go to facebook and put that in the search box to find it. Hurrah!!

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