MidJourney AI art for book cover design (how is this legal?) 

The image above was designed by a computer program.

I don’t know about you, but I was not aware AI art software like this even existed. If I were an illustrator or graphic designer, I’d be a bit nervous. Since I’m currently talking with a potential client that is looking for an illustrator for her mother’s children’s book, I immediately thought of AI artwork for children’s books.

Derek Murphy, in his post (link below) talks about it, how to use it the software he’s using (and there has to more than one, doesn’t there?) and some legal things to think about. It’s a whole new world for book art, my friends!


*Scroll all the way down for much better images since the last midjourney update.* Update: I just spoke about AI art with Joanna Penn, you can listen to the podcast HERE. Today I’m playing with midjourney for character and book cover design. You’ve probably seen people posting these to Facebook: what you get is extremely […]

Source: MidJourney AI art for book cover design (how is this legal?) – Creativindie

3 thoughts on “MidJourney AI art for book cover design (how is this legal?) 

  1. Interesting, I’m going to read the rest of the story. Lots of illustrators are using computer programme to aid their art. I am not a fan as all the artworks have a similarity and lack of uniqueness. For a book, however, perhaps it makes sense to go this route. I don’t believe it would result in the greatness of art achieved by famous painters.

    • I agree. I don’t think it will ever replace artwork by a person, but for cover design, as this gentleman is suggesting, I think it could be very helpful if you’re looking for a particular style. But does take away work for graphic designers 😦

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