Crystal the Dolphin

front cover 4aCrystal the Dolphin is a fun (and perilous) adventure of a young dolphin and her friends.

The story was created by Riyasha Dey Majumdar (at the age of nine) while during her summer vacation in 2013. It was edited, designed and published by CKBooks Publishing. It can be picked up on

Here is Riyasha’s parents:

I want to thank Christine Keleny of CK Books Publishing for helping in making the dream come true of my daughter Riyasha Dey Majumdar, who wrote the book “Chrystal the Dolphin”. She went above and beyond to work with every minute detail. It is very challenging to work with a kid as they have no idea how to get a book out in the market. She has not only been a guide to her but has contributed in so many ways that we cannot measure any way in terms of money. She has extended her support just like her own daughter. Christine has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to book publishing. She has been instrumental in Editing, creating the book skeleton, researching the book size, getting quote from the printers, contacting with the printers, went back and forth with us as well as printer for countless number times. Many times, she has even motivated me and followed up to make sure I am still on track. Her skills are way beyond I can write in words. She has spent all the time to make it the best possible product that one can expect. Christine is very proactive and has been so responsive that we never had to wait more than an hour to get response from her. We never talked over the phone as she has always explained things in such a nice way. She has all the resources that you need to get a book published. It has made a great impact on Riyasha who has decided to dedicate her next book to Christine. I am still not sure if I can justify her time and effort and honest opinion that she has provided all this time, but I cannot think of working with anybody else. I will highly, highly recommend her and hope, if you are reading this, you will give her a chance and work with her at least once to experience your satisfaction. Christine has now become a part of our family with such a touching moment that cannot be forgotten ever. Hope you get chance to read the book “Crystal the Dolphin” to see their work or download it on your Kindle Device. Christine Thank you again and we wish you all the success in life.

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